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~ Dr. Raymond Bertolotti

Fifth Quarter Seminars

About Adhesion Dentistry

What is Adhesion Dentistry?
Adhesion dentistry is simply the clinical application of adhesives which enable us to bond just about any material to any other material: gold to tooth, porcelain to tooth, gold to porcelain, gold to gold, porcelain to porcelain, tooth to tooth, etc.  Adhesion replaces tooth destruction The underlying incentive is easier, faster, and most important, better dentistry.
Where did Adhesion Dentistry start?
It started in a lot of places around the world.  In the USA, Dr. Raymond Bertolotti, our primary speaker, has been credited as the guru who, in 1985, put it all together and coined the phrase "adhesion dentistry".  At that time, Dr. Bertolotti first used "Adhesion Dentistry" when he retitled his "Cosmetic Dentistry" seminar, reflecting the true nature of what he was using to achieve esthetic results. The materials and techniques continue to reflect a compilation of international knowledge which has been evolved into a "how to do it" seminar of international reputation.

Who should attend Dr. Bertolotti's seminars?

This seminar is for dentists who are willing to make changes.  What we teach is how to practice "better, faster, and easier" stress-free dentistry. For those who implement the changes, the results can be dramatic. From Dr. Tom Hughes:

    When I implemented the concepts taught by Bertolotti, my office net income went up about 50% and my clinical problems such as post-op sensitivity decreased by about 99%.
      - Dr. Thomas Hughes, California

Dr. Hughes has said that the turning point in his very successful cosmetic-oriented  practice was attending Dr. Bertolotti's seminar in 1987. He was hampered by many of the same clinical problems which many clinicians currently describe.  As we often hear, Dr. Hughes was ready to pursue some other career before attending our program.  Now he is widely recognized as the top cosmetic dentist in Colorado.

Dr. Bertolotti believes that a successful pra...

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Who is Fifth Quarter Seminars?

Fifth Quarter Seminars is a private provider of continuing education in dentistry which started business in 1983. We are not beholden to any commercial sponsors.  Fifth Quarter Seminars is recognized by the AGD-PACE program (thereby accepted for most US states and Ontario, Canada for CE points).  We are also recognized separately by California.

Our primary speaker, Dr. Raymond Bertolotti, has spoken multiple times at most of the major US dental meetings such as the ADA Annual Meeting, AACD, Chicago Midwinter, and the Hinman a well as major foreign meetings including the British Dental Association. He has given invited dental presentations in over 30 countries.

We invite occasional guest speakers who we consider to be among the best in the world. For example, we have hosted Professor Takeo Fusayama. Shigihisa Inokoshi and Prof Jungi Tagami of Japan, Gary Unterbrink of Austria, Prof Paul Lambrechts of Belgium, Geoff Knight of Austr...

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Is this seminar really for you?

We want you to attend our seminar and to be very pleased that you did.  For anyone who would like more unsolicited comments received about our seminars, both from individuals and from organizations such as the AGD, just provide us with your name and address and tell us how many letters you want to read. We will send the required number to you!  We want you to be so enthusiastic that you will refer your colleagues. Like a great dental practice, we receive many repeats and referrals.

Our programs can be the jump start you need to change your dentistry forever.  Just open your mind and be prepared to make some major changes. You and your patients will love it.

Our seminars typically draw "repeat" attendance of over 80%, with many annual repeaters. 

In the unlikely event that you decide that you made a bad decision to attend, just let us know by the morning coffee break that you are leaving and we will send you a...

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What you will learn at a typical seminar

In different years and at different locations, we offer both one day and two day Adhesion Dentistry seminars.  The second day (Advanced Concepts) builds on the first day (Current Concepts). The one day Adhesion Dentistry program is a fast-moving condensation of the essential information taken from the two day programs. Our seminars are continually updated and we constantly hear how "new" the information is to those who attended just recently. 

Additionally, we offer some guest speaker seminars which differ from year to year. These are usually held in special locations such as Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite.   

Here is an example of a two day program:

Day 1: Current Concepts

The latest bonding technology
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How many CE credits do I earn at a seminar? Is there AGD-PACE or other recognition for CE credits? How about Canadians?

The Adhesion Dentistry seminars earn 7 hours CE credit per day. Most of the guest seminars also earn 7 hours per day. The Yosemite program earns 14 hours CE credit, spread over 3 sessions.  AGD-PACE provider,  as well as California recognized. (FYI, California does not recognize the AGD-PACE providers.)  Ontario Canada dentists can earn CE points (Ontario recognizes AGD-PACE providers, unlike California.) 

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