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Fifth Quarter Seminars


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Issue #32 - Ceramic bonding June 2014
In this issue: E Max and  zirconia bonding.  SilJet. Special seminar announcement.
Issue #31 - Special announcement: Biomimetic Dentistry July 2012
In this issue: The Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry first annual conference.
Issue #30 - Current issues in bondodontics June 2010
In this issue: Hydro-abrasion, ozone update, zirconia sandblasting, Gluma, Quest for the best bond, Bonding agent update.
Issue #29 - Get Bonded, Stay Bonded March 2008
In this issue: Base or no base posterior composites?, Veneer prep: minimum, maximum, or not at all?, Dialing-in the color of a single anterior veneer, A new esthetics lab from a well known master technician, Recently asked questions, Why bond alumina or zirconia all ceramic crowns?, Cerec bonding to powdered or sealed dentin
Issue #28 - Keep clear of Malpractice when providing veneers! January 2007
In this issue: Everthing you need to know about veneers, Clearfil Ceramic Primer, Accolade SRO, Wear rate of composites, Ray's current recommendations.
Issue #27 - Is total caries removal contraindicated? January 2006
In this issue: Porcelain Veneers 20 years later, Longevity of veneers, Pressed ceramic vs. "feldspathic" veneers, Preferred tooth preparation, Revolutionary try-in system, The new veneer plan and cooperating labs, Contact Wedge, Prelude Link, Bonding: Is simpler Better?, Porcelain Veneer speed-bonding
Issue #26 - Prelude, the latest in self-etching primers March 2005
In this issue: The latest self-etch primer, Simplified bonds-is this "progress"?, Dental Ozone, Microprime, Palfique Estelite (Estelite Sigma), Black Momba, Flexible Posts, For AACD mebers only, Reality-Highest Recommendation, Bonding and color-correcting porcelain veneers, Porcelain bonding without HF etching-apparently a well kept secret
Issue #25 - Ozone Therapy, The Next Major Change in Restorative Dentistry January 2004
In this issue: Ozone Therapy, Recent Email Q&A, Cantilever bridge for lateral incisor replacement, Porcelain Veneer Simplification, Make a Good Impression
Issue #24 - Zero Invasion Dentistry January 2003
In this issue: H&H Impressions, The H&H technique, Laboratory procedures for closed-bite impressions, First composite increment: flowable composite, Bonded matrix bands, DIAGNOdent false positives
Issue #23 - Bite-formed Posterior Composites January 2002
In this issue: Bite-formed posterior composites, Laboratory procedures for dual-arch impressions, Proper use of die spacer prevents sensitivity