Fifth Quarter Seminars
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~ Dr. Raymond Bertolotti

Fifth Quarter Seminars

Recommended Links

Aesthetic Dentistry from "down under"

Dr. Geoffery Knight's exciting new approach to dentistry includes predictable techniques that will save your patients' teeth, time, and dollars. You will have better hourly returns doing stress free dentistry. Geoff is one of our most popular guest speakers.

Creating Restorative Excellence: Perio-prosthodontist teaching

Dr. John Kois presents "The Concept of Comprehensive Dentistry for Predictable & Profitable Results" an accredited didactic and clinical program with the latest advances in esthetic, restorative and implant dentistry. Dr. Kois is the undisputed leader in predictable perio-pros-esthetics.

Dr. Alleman's Six Lessons

A tooth conserving dentistry training course made up of six two-hour sessions with over the shoulder demonstrations (with superb microscope video too) . The course is designed for dentists with some experience in adhesive dentistry, and includes preparatory reading of 25 selected scientific papers.

Dr. Bill Blatchford

Dr. Bill Blatchford will guide you through his "Better, not Bigger" practice model. He believes fee-for-service is the optimal way to go.

Hands on training in esthetic dentistry

The most comprehensive hands-on clinical Residency Programs offered in dentistry, by Dr. Bruce Crispin. Accredited programs and faculty members present cutting edge technology, techniques, and materials at an unbiased state-of-the-art facility in Southern California.  



Ruth Port and the Port family have been supporting Dr. Bertolotti's tours to Australia since 1986. This is the source for the best CE, "Down Under".


The unbiased information source for esthetic dentistry. Dr. Bertolotti is a proud member of the Reality editorial team. 

Tin Man Dental

A Mom and Pop dental dealer with unmatched customer service, product knowledge, and value pricing. This is where Dr. Bertolotti shops. They welcome international orders too. Many of our international friends tell us that they save big by placing orders with Tin Man.

TOPS Institute

"Secrets of how to get your patients to accept the type of treatment you learn from Dr. Bertolotti!"

Zegrahm Expeditions (non dental)

If you like adventure, untouched wilderness, expertly operated tours with lecturers and leaders rich in field experience, then you'll love Zegrahm & Eco-Expeditions.  Ray and Mary Bertolotti just completed their third trip with Zegrahm, the best of the best. Very highly recommended.