Fifth Quarter Seminars
345 Estudillo Ave
San Leandro, California 94577
Phone: (510) 483-2411
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~ Dr. Raymond Bertolotti

Fifth Quarter Seminars

Who is Fifth Quarter Seminars

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We are a private provider of continuing education in dentistry. We are not beholden to any commercial sponsors. We are recognized by the AGD and many states which have continuing education requirements. We started business in 1983. Our primary speaker, Dr. Raymond Bertolotti, has been invited to speak at most of the major US dental meetings such as the ADA, the Chicago Midwinter, and the Hinman a well as major foreign meetings. We have annual guest speakers who we consider to be among the best in the world. One of our first guest speakers was Professor Takao Fusayama of Japan.  Recently we have hosted Dr. Shighesa Inokoshi of Japan, Dr. Geoff Knight of Australia, Dr. David Winkler and Prof. Edward Lynch of the UK, Dr. Gary Unterbrinck of Austria, and Prof. Harald Heymann, Prof. Van Thompson,  Dr. Mike Miller, Dr. John Kois and Dr. John Kanca of the USA.  Guest speakers sometimes share the program with Dr. Bertolotti.